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Tommee Tippee Sangenic Twist & Click Container Pink

SKU: 85101601
VAT Included
  • Container for placing used diapers and preventing bad smells at home. Practical and totally hygienic, just place the diaper in the tank and turn the ring to close the bag again.

    The advanced diaper disposal system makes this the only deposit that twists and wraps diapers for unmatched odor blocking


    • Flat lid that saves space, opens against the wall;
    • The handle twists, individually sealing each diaper in a multi-layer antibacterial film;
    • It can hold up to 28 diapers at a time ... which means fewer trips to the trash can;
    • Ergonomic handle to empty the tank;
    • Click when the diaper is wrapped
    • Refill 98% made from recycled plastic;
    • Unique device with plunger, which introduces diapers in the container hygienically;
    • Free recharge inside (can last up to 1 month);
    • Pink color.
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