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Tommee Tippee Anti-Colic Baby Bottle 260ml Double Pack

SKU: 42252575
VAT Included
  • The Anti-Colic Plus bottle has been designed to provide optimum ventilation during milk consumption through a unique system of tube and valve, with an easy way to grip with the mouth that helps to minimize air intake. Before giving the baby a bottle, the thermosensor tube must be checked. If it is blue, it means that the temperature is adequate for drinking the milk; if the color changes to pink, the milk is warmer than recommended (37 ° C). The Anti-Colic Plus teat has a unique shape that is easy to hold onto the baby's mouth, with a soft and natural silicone touch.

    Baby bottles designed to help reduce breastfeeding cramps
    Closer to Nature Anti Colic provide optimum ventilation through a unique system consisting of a tube and a valve. They also help to provide continuous suction through the easy-grip teat.

    • More peace of mind The ventilation tube of the Closer to Nature Anti-Colic bottles changes color if the milk temperature exceeds 37 ° C, for more peace of mind.
    • With flexible and elastic ribs Flexible and elastic ribs allow the Closer to Nature teat to mimic the natural flexibility and movement of the mother's breast
    • Soft silicone teat The soft silicone teat more similar to the skin and stretches and contracts while drinking milk to mimic the natural action of breastfeeding
    • With breast shape The Closer to Nature teat breast shape allows the baby to grip it easily and helps in the transition between bottle and breast
    • Compact shape Closer to Nature bottles are designed to be held in a more natural position during breastfeeding and allow the baby to be closer
    • Bisphenol A free For total peace of mind, none of our products contains bisphenol A (BPA)
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